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Angela M. Simms Ph.D.

Sociologist. Professor. Policy Analyst. Speaker

I’m an Assistant Professor of Sociology and Urban Studies at Barnard College-Columbia University. My research examines how legacy and contemporary market and government processes in metropolitan areas shape racial inequality, with particular focus on the suburban Black middle class. Before academia, I was a Presidential Management Fellow and Legislative Analyst for seven years at the Office of Management and Budget, serving in the George W. Bush and Barack Obama Administrations.

Departments - Sociology and Urban Studies

About Me


Simms, Angela. 2021. "Black Jurisdictions and Budget Constraints: How Fiscal Footing Shapes Fighting COVID-19." Ethnic and Racial Studies, forthcoming.


Simms, Angela. 2019. "The ‘Veil’ of Racial Segregation in the 21st Century: The Suburban Black Middle Class, Public Schools, and Pursuit of Racial Equity." Phylon 56(1): 81-110.


Simms, Angela and Elizabeth Talbert. 2019. "Racial Residential Segregation and School Choice: How a Market-Based Policy for K-12 School Access Creates a ‘Parenting Tax’ for Black Parents." Phylon 56(1): 33-57.


Simms, Angela and Shamus Khan. 2019. "Trump’s Shutdown Will Hit Black Americans the Hardest." Huffington Post, January 4 (Link)

Barnard Courses


Race, Ethnicity & Society

Course Overview:

Race, Ethnicity & Society: Examines social construction of race and ethnicity in the United States from colonial period to present. Investigates how capitalist interests, class differences, gender, immigration, and who “deserves” the full rights and privileges of citizenship, shape boundaries between and within racial and ethnic groups. Also considers how racism affects resource access inequities between racial groups in education, criminal justice, media, and other domains. We conclude by considering racial justice movement efforts.

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Metropolitics of Race & Place

Course Description:

Analyzes how boundaries between “cities” and their peripheries, or “suburbs,” developed and evolved. Investigates economic, political, and other social processes underpinning how racial and ethnic groups are distributed between and within metropolitan jurisdictions and implications for racial and ethnic groups’ access to material resources significantly influencing life chances.

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Media Appearances


Quoted in “Blackfishing, Influencers and Cancel Culture: A Tangled Web,” by Jill Donato, Huffington Post, August 20


Co-authored op-ed “Trump’s Shutdown Will Hit Black Americans the Hardest,” Huffington Post, January 4


Interviewed on “Monday Morning QB,” WPFW-FM, Washington, D.C., regarding effects of December 2018- January 2019 federal government shutdown on Black Americans, January 14


My Recent Blog Posts

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